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Gloster Furniture – Teak, Crafts & Innovation

Gloster opens doors to timelessly beautiful exteriors where your furniture sets the mood, just the way you want it to be. Gloster uses only the best materials and techniques to craft their outdoor furniture.

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Gloster’s furniture aim is to help you enjoy the countless special moments outdoors.

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Teak – Benchmark Hardwood

Gloster loves to create furniture from teak. Teak is the benchmark hardwood for fine outdoor furniture for more than 700 years. With a beautiful buffed sheen or a soft natural finish, every piece of Gloster teak originates from carefully managed plantations and is thoroughly inspected to ensure that quality endures.

A close-grained hardwood with a high natural oil content, teak is exceptionally hard wearing, highly resistant to rotting and almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost or snow – the first and only choice of timber for outdoor furniture. Because it matters.

Gloster’s roots can be traced all the way back to West Africa in 1960, where a band of passionate entrepreneurs and furniture makers took the first steps on a long journey. By the early 1970’s, increased demand and access to plantation grown teak led us to move our factory to Indonesia. Today, the same passion, conviction and pride that launched the brand, continues to fuel our business.

We may live in a different world than the one occupied by our founders, but one thing remains the same – we are furniture makers whose sole focus is to design and build the world’s finest outdoor furniture. Because we believe.

Call Leisure Aquatic Products with any questions regarding outdoor furniture 507-288-6289. Swing in and we can show you different styles and colors to fully customize your outdoor oasis.

Mix & Match – The freedom of choice is yours. Mix different product lines, the way you want to make the best furniture setup for your outdoor area.

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Find out more about Gloster Furniture -bound to both history and a tradition of fine craftsmanship.