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At Leisure Aquatic Products, we know that not everyone wants to use the same methods of water sanitation. That’s why we otter a wide variety of water maintenance systems including Chlorine, Bromine, Baquacil, Pool Solutions, Salt Water Supplies and more! Choose your system of choice from the options above.

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Need Pool Chemicals?

We have all the cleaning and control chemicals you need for your pool.

The kids are complaining about the pool being too strong of chlorine. Their eyes are red, their skin is irritated. What do you do? Come into Leisure Aquatic Products and we can test the chemical levels in your water. We can test Baquacil levels as well as chlorine levels depending on what type of pool you have.

Does your pool have that slimey green residue from algae and it wont go away? Stop into our showroom. We can test your pool water for algae and get you onto a pool chemical plan that will get rid of the green and get your pool back to a nice shiny blue.


Stop into Leisure Aquatic Products and we can test your water and give you advice on how to make your pool chemical balance just right. Heavy rains, fertilizer and heavy pool use can change the chemical balance of your pool. With consistent testing and the right chemicals you can make your pool experience great for everyone. Many of our customers come in weekly or bi-weekly to get their pool water tested. Just bring in at least a measuring cup of water and we can test your levels and give you advice and products to sustain a proper chemical balance.

We sell many Baquacil pool chemicals including: Oxidizer (Shock), Sanitizer / Algistat, CDX, Algaecide, Metal Control, Flocculant, and more.

Baquacil Pool Chemicals

Make sure your pool is balanced with the right amount of Baquacil or Cholorine! The right balance of chemicals will keep your pool clean but keep you and your family comfortable as you swim. It’s pool season!

Have questions regarding pool chemicals? Give Leisure Aquatic Products a call at 507-288-6289