Balancers – Pool Chemicals

Balancers – Pool Chemicals

Browse Leisure Aquatic Product’s complete selection of pool balancers, including Ph plus and minus, stabilizer and alkalinity and calcium boosters to keep your pool clean and healthy.

Shop here to select chemicals in 2lbs – 25lbs container sizes. We have sizes for all types of pools and chemical issues!

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Pool chemicals are important to keep your pool clean and stable. Bring in a sample of your pools water into Leisure Aquatic Products and we can test and help you improve the balance of your pool chemicals. This keeps everyone happy and clean. Our goal is to keep your pool running efficiently and free of bacteria and scum!

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To keep your swimming pool in pristine shape, its chemicals need to find a balance. Some of the variables to keep in mind when testing your pool water for chemical imbalances are pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and trace metals such as iron or copper.

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