Above Ground Pool Liners

Above Ground Pool Liners

Leisure Aquatic Products provides a great selection of Above Ground Pool Liners. Find out which liner will work best for your pool with this guide.

expandable_linersPerfect For Pools With Wall
Height From 48″ – 54″

For Pools With Wall
Heights From 48″ – 54″


Can Be Used In Place
Of A 52″ Overlap Liner

Leisure Aquatic Products has several types of above ground pool liners to choose from. You can select Overlap Pool Liners, Expandable Liners, Unibeaded Liners.

We also sell accessories to help protect your pool from harsh conditions. Leisure Aquatic Products recommends that when you purchase one of our above ground pool liners that you also purchase our accessories so you get the best out of the above ground pool liners. LAP has come up with a simple step by step process to help select from our above ground pool liners.

Step 1 –Please select the style of above ground pool liners below.
Above Ground Pool Liners

What are the difference between these above ground pool liners?
  • Overlap Pool Liners – Overlap Pool Liners basically hang over the side of your above ground pool wall. The Liner is made with excess material so it can fit on the common 48″ or 52″ walls. The overlap above ground pool liner is secured with Pool Coping Strips that hold the liner in place. The excess material is then simply cut off.
  • J-Hook / Uni-Beaded Pool Liners – Uni-bead Above Ground Pool liners are made specifically for the size of your above ground pool. So a 48″ wall pool must have a 48″ liner, and a 52″ wall pool must have a 52″ liner. The Uni-Bead liner is fitted into a bead receiver track or can be hung like an overlap liner.
  • Expandable Pool Liners – Expandable above ground pool liners are the liners that are used for the deeper above ground pool such as Doughboy. The liners will fit a pool that is up to 72″ deep.
  • Above Ground Pool Liner Accessories – Leisure Aquatic Products offers protections for all of our above ground pool liners. Whether it is Pool Cove, Wall foam, or our Gorilla Floor Padding. We recommend giving the best treatment to your pool liner. We also offer Coping Strips that fit onto Overlap Above Ground Pool Liners.

Leisure Aquatic Products can help you with all your pool or spa questions. Call us at 507-288-6289. We are happy to help. We have many years knowledge regarding pool liners. If you get a tear or other issue with your liner, do not hesitate to call.

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