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Finnleo® is the market leader and has the most complete line of traditional and infrared saunas. From entry level portable saunas, to deluxe custom saunas with custom lighting, custom benching and multiple wood choices and styles, Finnleo® has a sauna for every taste and budget. Finnleo® is Saunatec®, which has a history dating back to 1919, when the company was established in Wyborg, Finland. Our parent company produces more sauna heaters worldwide than any other company – bar none.

Today, Saunatec® Ltd has the largest and most advanced sauna heater and sauna room manufacturing plants in the world. In addition, we have the most extensive research and development program of any sauna manufacturer — to provide you with products that are innovative, yet true to the ancient traditions of sauna and steam bathing.

FAR Infrared Saunas from Leisure Aquatic Products

You don’t have to leave home to enjoy your own personal spa getaway. Leisure Aquatic Products is pleased to offer FAR Infrared HeatWave Saunas™ as part of our product lineup. Relax after a long day at work in the comfort of your own home! Our saunas effectively relieve stress and and improve your state of mind! The InfraWave FAR heat technology emits ultra low levels of EMF, to provide a healthy, comfortable experience. If you have been reading about infrared technology and sauna weight loss, or perhaps the benefits of infrared light therapy, and are wondering if an FAR infrared sauna is right for your home, you have come to the right place!

  • Easy to assemble and can go in almost any room in your home
  • Choose between either Hemlock or Cedar wood tongue & groove high grade construction for a fashionable addition to your home
  • HeatWave Saunas are built for provide years of enjoyment
  • Choose between our Ceramic or Carbon InfraWave FAR heaters
  • Interior reading lights
  • Built in sound systems to further enhance your sauna experience
  • Ergonomic back rests, towel hooks, magazine holder
  • 7 color Chromotherapy light, and oxygen ionizers
  • All of our saunas operate on a safe UL approved 120v / 15-amp or 20-amp power and are backed by CE, CETL, RoHS certifications
  • 5-Year Warranty on wood, structure, heating elements & electrical; 1-Year Warranty on the sound system
Hemlock Infrared Sauna Series

Hemlock Series – Standard

Cedar Infrared Sauna Series

Cedar Series – Premium


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Why Choose a HeatWave Sauna?

InfraWave FAR heaters put out infrared wavelengths from 5-12 microns, which are the portions of infrared heat that most benefit the human body.

Designed and test proven to emit extremely low levels of EMF, guaranteeing that HeatWave™ saunas are safe and beneficial to your health!

HeatWave Saunas™ are made of premium grade solid wood and constructed with tongue & groove joinery for superior edge to edge strength and durability. The exterior of the sauna is seal coated with an appealing, natural color; the interior is smooth sanded natural wood.

HeatWave Saunas™ come equipped with “EZ – Touch” dual Interior and Exterior LED Control panels – easily adjust your sauna settings from inside or outside

Every HeatWave sauna is equipped with recessed interior lighting. Enjoy some reading while basking in the warmth of your HeatWave Sauna™.

The adjustable ceiling vent allows you to bring in fresh outside air if desired. Vent holes in floor help provide air circulation.

The sauna comes standard with a pre – installed user friendly radio with CD player and AUX mp3 connection with built in speakers, so you can crank up your favorite tunes while soaking up all the health benefits of your sauna! Other inferior sauna brands make you pay extra for this option, but every HeatWave Sauna™ comes with a sound system standard.

Each HeatWave Sauna includes ergonomic back rests designed to eliminate fatigue and discomfort and provide ultimate sauna relaxation and comfort. Back rests can be moved to any desired location, making your sauna session even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Our special Uni-Pack shipping process provides extra protection during shipping & handling.
Saunas are produced and shipped as a unit – Guaranteed precision fit!

5-Year warranty on heaters, structure & electrical. 1-Year warranty on radio.

HeatWave Saunas™ are proudly backed by CE, CETL, RoHS and ISO 9001 certifications, internationally-recognized seals of quality, safety, and professional manufacturing.