Artesian Spas’ founding partners came together with one uniting goal: to provide the best quality spas, the most features, and the greatest range of products. When you buy an Artesian Spa, you become part of the family, provided with the same quality service and support the company is world renowned for.

There is no more soothing, effective or enjoyable form of relief than an Artesian spa, caringly designed to enhance the lifestyle and health of every customer.

Each model has been painstakingly crafted to provide a feature-rich, optimal mix of elegance and functionality, omitting no detail. While many perceive spas as unattainable luxuries, Artesian builds a spa for every budget, from the high end, for those accustomed to incomparable luxury, to the middle and lower price range, where good quality is important even to someone on a limited budget.

Benefits of having a Spa or Hot Tub

Fun and Relaxing – The obvious benefits of having a spa! Invite your friends over for some social relaxation or bring the family together. Spas are great at bringing people together for fun and relaxation!

Lower Blood Pressure – Mayo Clinic researcher Thomas G. Allison, M.P.H, Ph.D., compared soaking in a spa to cycling in his studies. He found that soaking in a hot relaxing spa, will relax you and bring your blood pressure down. Cycling, which is great for exercise, but does the opposite affect in that it raises your blood pressure and can cause health issues for some adults.

Better Sleep – The relaxation of a spa can give you a better nights sleep. Unwind just before bed in a spa will help give you the peace of mind to sleep soundly.

Arthritis Relief – If you are having joint problems, a spa can help you relax and get relief from Arthritis and other joint, bone and muscle issues.

Better Quality of Life – Less stress and more relaxation after a hard days worth of work brings a since of accomplishment and value and the feeling that you earned this relaxing moment in the spa. This is a better quality of life, and is what you and your family deserves.

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